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20 Amazing MBA Thesis Topics On Project Management

Whether you are studying business, engineering, or a range of other subjects, you may be required to write a thesis related to project management. This is a fascinating subject with a wide range of different areas that you can write about; therefore, to give you some ideas, the following is a list of 20 amazing topics.

  1. The importance of selecting the right team when it comes to successful project management
  2. The advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing project management requirements when it comes to building and engineering projects involving multiple teams
  3. How can good project management help to maintain budgetary requirements?
  4. An analysis of different approaches that can be taken to project management and how technology in the 21st century shapes the way projects might be tackled
  5. An overview of the processes that are involved in project management, and what difficulties might be faced during each stage
  6. The advantages and disadvantages of rolling wave planning in relation to different projects
  7. How to successfully estimate the costs of various activities, and how much time will be required to carry them out properly
  8. How are effective schedules developed when it comes to managing projects?
  9. The use of analytical methods in relation to identifying the needs and potential success of project ideas
  10. Understanding the work breakdown structure and its importance on a successful project management
  11. Understanding international standards and how good management can help to ensure that they are complied with, as well as the dangers of not following regulations
  12. The use of virtual project management in the 21st century: pros and cons
  13. The importance of identifying any potential obstacles when it comes to risk planning in order to minimize the possibility of failure
  14. Good and bad practices when it comes to monitoring and controlling projects
  15. The administrative side of completing contracts and what good managers should be aware of
  16. The importance of good communication when it comes to managing effectively
  17. A comparison of project management types: the differences between managing construction teams and IT teams
  18. The differences between risk management and business continuity, and how both are essential for success
  19. What software options are available to help management teams successfully plan and organize major projects?
  20. What problems can be faced when trying to manage projects that span multiple time zones?

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