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TOP 5 Outstanding Dissertation Topics In Financial Management

One of the most complicated fields of study in business is financial management. Its elements require comprehensive studies and that is why some students find it confusing to come up with the right topic for their. It is a mistake to explore a topic that has been covered in previous work. The best topic for your financial analysis dissertation must be an enjoyable field, manageable, and helpful in the career path that a student aspires to take. Some recommendations include:

  1. Internet Banking
    Digital banking services provide the convenience of handling financial procedures at the comfort of one’s home. It is an essential platform for people who don’t leave their houses or who are too far from banks. Online services guarantee safety of customer’s finances. This area is very relevant for dissertation. Possible topics that can give you a first class honor include:
    • Security issues in digital banking services
    • Economic implications of electronic transactions
    • Marketing of online banking
    • Future opportunities in digital banking
    • A comparative study of digital innovation in banking
    • The role of various internet banking services
  2. Investing in emerging market
    Recently, various economies are emerging with greater scopes of investments. Big organizations in the globe are having their way into such markets in a bid to get a share and expend further. Topic ideas in this field are as follows.
    • The efficiency of emerging markets
    • Foreign investments in third world countries
    • Evolution of investment banking in the evolving markets
    • The attitude of developed countries towards emerging markets
    • How foreign direct investment affect emerging economies
    • The stability of banking industry in emerging economies
  3. Risk management in maritime industry
    Financial risk of maritime investment is influenced by adjustments in modes of ships financing that create an alarm in the banking institutions. To get deeper into this issue, a student can discuss how dangerous the risk is to overall investment of an economy. Examples of topics are:
    • How maritime financial risk management influence cross-border activities
    • Relationship between external and internal auditors expectations
  4. Microfinance
    From small to big organizations, microfinance is an area that gets tremendous attention.
    • Is partnership between private and public sector important?
    • Challenges facing micro finance markets
    • Impacts of micro-financing in developing countries
  5. Retail and Commercial Banking
    These are vital intermediaries of the banking industry. They play a huge role in financing rural areas.
    • Analysis of local commercial banks
    • Commercial banks and Agriculture
    • Commercial banking and asset liability management

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