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'Can You Help Me To Write My Thesis?' — The Right Way To Request A Paper

Supposing you are pursuing your Master’s degree in Psychology and then you come across an online dissertation topic related to Psychology and want to read it for more inspiration. Unfortunately, you find that the paper is unavailable online or in your school library. You will be wondering whether or not to email the writer and ask him, ‘’Hi, can you write my thesis?’’ The big question is how do you request an online paper?

  • Contacting the author
    If you want to read a previous study, you may opt to ask for a copy directly from the writer. You must show your interest in the writer as well as their work and explain why. However, if the writer is preparing to publish it, they may hesitate to give you a soft copy as the work is not yet ready for public use. Remember that any work that is submitted to the university is no longer regarded as private and anyone can use it.
  • Using unpublished works
    There are a lot of unpublished research works in the libraries which can be used by anyone posting something like ‘help me write my thesis’ on the internet. If you are conducting a research, it is advisable to read relevant works and you don’t have to request permission from the author.
    If you completely have no idea of the best topic and the academic writer suggests one for you, check whether it is a published document for instance as a journal article or a book. You don’t want to present a repeated paper to your examiner. Verify that the topic does not appear in author searches in your university page or as a published work.
  • Scholars can be categorized into 2 classes: book students and article students.

  • Book students
    These scholars like writing things that resemble books. If they want to publish their work, it takes much longer due to the heavy project involved.
  • Article students
    These are students who write simplified paperwork through combination of both published and publishable write-ups.

In academics, it is totally acceptable to pay someone to write my thesis. In some instances, you can even get raw data from a former writer who published their work. All published documents are archived in the university libraries hence you can find reprints from your school and make an order without contacting the author.

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